24/04/2024 Seminar by Davide Reato & Rita Matta

mercredi 24 avril 2024 à 13:30
Publié le 23/04/2024

NeuroTech special seminar for Arte – Wednesday 24/04/2024,

at 13:30, Salle Vinay, INT

We are excited to announce that the Neurotech Center and BEL will be hosting a documentary film on bioelectronics, which will be broadcasted on Arte later this year. The film crew would like to film footage of a seminar showcasing a vibrant community coming around this question. We are therefore  organizing a special seminar this Wednesday.

The seminar will be presented by Davide Reato (PDoc BEL/INT), and Rita Matta (PhD student BEL). The title is “Inkjet-printed transparent electrodes for electrical brain stimulation.”

The seminar will be filmed and will be part of the documentary. Professor Georges Malliaras (Cambridge Univ) will join us by Zoom. Georges’ lab is also involved in the documentary. His presence at the seminar provides a nice connection between the different parts of the film.

Your participation will greatly enrich the content of the documentary and showcase the vibrant Neuroscience community of Aix Marseille.