Dernières publications

  • 01/05/2024Functioning and neurocognition in very early and early-life onset bipolar disorders: the moderating role of bipolar disorder typeD. Sleurs, M. Speranza, B. Etain, B. Aouizerate, V. Aubin, F. Bellivier, R. Belzeaux, M. Carminati, P. Courtet, C. Dubertret, B. Fredembach, E. Haffen, F. Groppi, P. Laurent, M. Leboyer, P. Llorca, E. Olié, M. Polosan, Raymund Schwan, D. Weill, C. Passerieux, P. Roux
  • 29/04/2024Evidence for two subpopulations of cerebrospinal-fluid contacting neurons with opposite GABAergic signaling in adult mouse spinal cordPriscille Riondel, Nina Jurčić, Lourdes Mounien, Stéphanie Ibrahim, Jorge Ramirez-Franco, Sonia Stefanovic, Jérôme Trouslard, Nicolas Wanaverbecq, Riad Seddik
  • 27/04/2024Human local field potentials in motor and non-motor brain areas encode upcoming movement directionEtienne Combrisson, Franck Di Rienzo, Anne-Lise Saive, Marcela Perrone-Bertolotti, Juan L P Soto, Philippe Kahane, Jean-Philippe Lachaux, Aymeric Guillot, Karim Jerbi
  • 01/04/2024Marjorie Kerzonkuf, Jérémy Verneuil, Cécile Brocard, Nejada Dingu, Virginie Trouplin, Jose Jorge Ramirez Franco, Marc Bartoli, Frédéric Brocard, Hélène Bras
  • 01/03/2024Incidence and predictors of metabolic syndrome onset in individuals with bipolar disorders: A longitudinal study from the FACE‐BD cohortO. Godin, E. Olié, G. Fond, B. Aouizerate, V. Aubin, F. Bellivier, R. Belzeaux, P. Courtet, C. Dubertret, E. Haffen, A. Lefrere, P. Llorca, M. Polosan, P. Roux, L. Samalin, R. Schwan, M. Leboyer, B. Etain