GeneXprINT seminar

jeudi 4 mai 2023 à 14:00
Publié le 18/04/2023

The first GeneXprINT seminar will take place on Thursday May 4th from 2:00 to 3:00 pm in the Laurent Vinay room.

Christophe Leroy, Molecular Biology Specialist and Sabrina Khantane, Consumables Specialist from Thermo Fisher Scientific will present some innovations in the Invitrogen, Applied Biosystems and Thermo Scientific portfolio. 4 workshops of 15 min each will be presented:

– The advantages of magnetic beads to extract nucleic acids; Applied Biosystems MagMAX kit family and possibility of automation with the Thermo Scientific KingFisher

– the new Reverse Transcriptase MMLV variants of the Superscript IV et Superscript IV VILOcellsdirect SSIV Invitrogen

– the new DNA polymerases Platinum II et Platinum SuperFI II Invitrogen, Phusion Plus Thermo Scientific

– the agarose electrophoretic systems without TAE/TBE buffers Egel POWER SNAP POWER SNAP et POWER SNAP PLUS Invitrogen

After the seminar Christophe Leroy and Sabrina Khantane will be available from 3:00 to 4:00 pm for an open discussions/questions.

The seminar is open to all, specialists, non-specialists, curious.