Marseille Neuroscience Day

mardi 28 juin 2022
Publié le 28/04/2022

NeuroMarseille proposes a day of gathering that is both scientific and convivial to enrich yourself at all levels!

28 June 2022, from 9:00 to 17:30

9 am -10 am: Workshops
– Skills upgrade: animal experimentation I – 1h credit
– Clinical experimentation: CPP, the researcher’s “bete noire”

10 am-noon: Innovative and collaborative research grant laureates
– Short presentations – context, results and perspectives

Noon-2 pm: Informal chats around a buffet

3 pm-5 pm: workshops, visits and meetings
– Encounter between Pr Olaf Blanke and the PhD students
Exceptional conference by Pr Olaf Blanke “Brain mechanisms of invisible presences: hallucination engineering, neuroscience robotics, neurodegeneration”.
– For you to try: PTVR (Perception Toolbox for virtual reality) open source and collaborative software for virtual reality experiments in neuroscience and experimental psychology. Application to vision
– M1’s posters showcase
– Skills upgrade: animal experimentation II – 1h credit
– Clinical experimentation: CPP, the researcher’s “bete noire”
– Professional photographer at your disposal for your CV, website, social media
– Visit and exploration of the LNC/LPC’s platforms
– Lab guided tour by the LNC/LPC students for the other students
– Documentary screening and debate “Mon cerveau face au climat”