Pint of Science 2023

22/05/2023 - 24/05/2023
Publié le 22/02/2023

22 – 24 May 2023, in Marseille

Pint of Science is a festival focused on making science available to everyone in a relaxed and fun environment: a bar!

During  these evenings, 6 different themes will be explored: From Atoms to  Galaxies, From Human to Civilisations, Wonders of the brain, Star Tech,  Planet Earth and Our body.
A  typical night goes as follows: a young researcher presents the subject in a general manner to ease the public into the next talk. Then, an  experienced researcher will explain their research to the public in a  simple and comprehensible manner.

If  you are interested in bringing fun science to bars in Marseille, contact us by the 1st of March at the following address:  pos.marseille2023@gmail.com
If you already have someone to constitute a pair, let us know and add them to your email.
Please  include in your email: your domain of activity, your institute, your status (PhD, Post-doc, PhD student, master student…), the title of your  talk and a small abstract of 150 words.

Selection of speakers by mid-March.