Séminaire d’Adrien Chopin

vendredi 7 octobre 2022 à 14:30
Publié le 02/10/2022

Vendredi 7 Octobre à 14h30

Adrien Chopin, Institut de la Vision, Paris

Characterizing stereovision during aging


We will first review the methods to measure stereovision, and we will see how new methods perform. We will then apply these new methods to a cohort of aging adults to characterize the aging process. We investigate whether there is a catastrophic factor in the aging of stereovision or whether aging can totally be predicted from the decline of monocular visual acuity, as it was both described in contradictory past studies.


Adrien Chopin is a researcher in Cognitive Sciences (Psychology / Neurosciences), specialized in learning and perception. His goal is to understand how we learn to see the world, or fail to, how we grow or lose cognitive skills and how the brain changes when that happens. He is most interested in binocular vision. Adrien obtained his Ph.D. in Université Paris-Cité and after postdocs in University of Vanderbilt, Oxford University, University of Geneva and University of California Berkeley, he took a postdoc position in Sorbonne University in Paris.