Séminaire de Nicolas Coquery

vendredi 8 décembre 2023 à 14:30
Publié le 05/12/2023

Friday 8th December 2023, at 14:30, Gastaut meeting room

Nicolas Coquery (Institut Nutrition●Métabolisme●Cancer, Rennes University, INRAE/INSERM)

invited by Christine Formisano-Treziny

fNIRS-based neurofeedback intervention for improving cognitive control in disordered eating behaviour with fMRI-based cerebral characterization

Abstract: The NuMeCan Institute (Nutrition, Metabolism and Cancer) is a mixed research department under the supervision of INRAE (UMR1341), INSERM (UMR1317) and the University of Rennes. The NuMeCan Institute is composed of three research teams, EAT (Control of Eating Behaviour), EXPRES (Exogenous and endogenous stress, plasticity of responses and diseases) and METHER (Metals, Diseases and vectorized therapies). The EAT team has complementary scientific expertise in digestive physiology, gut microbiota, nutrition, behavioral neurosciences and brain imaging. The team is mainly composed of INRAE staff but also includes several clinicians from Rennes University-Hospital and a health psychologist from EHESP. Members of the EAT team coordinate preclinical (in mice, pigs, minipigs), clinical and translational research in the scope of human nutrition and health. Clinical trials are conducted in collaboration with Rennes University-Hospital in healthy volunteers and patients from clinical services and cohorts. Brain imaging research in the human is performed in collaboration with the Neurinfo magnetic resonance imaging platform (University of Rennes, CHU Rennes, Inria, CNRS, CRLCC).The EAT team has an expertise in human brain functional imaging using MRI modalities, particularly for the study of food preferences and modulation of brain activity and connectivity in regions involved in pleasure, emotion regulation and cognition (Coquery et al., 2022; Gautier et al., 2019; Godet et al., 2022; Val-Laillet et al., 2015). We performed previous studies in healthy humans subjects and obese patients. The EAT team is also involved in the investigation of fNIRS-based neurofeedback intervention for modulating cognitive control toward uncontrolled eating related to emotional overeating and food addiction (Godet, Serrand, Fortier, et al., 2023; Godet, Serrand, Léger, et al., 2023). The presentation will provide a short description of the research’s projects performed in the EAT Team of NuMeCan Institute and the recent progress in an ongoing project investigating fNIRS-based neurofeedback targeting the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DL-PFC) in order to ameliorate cognitive control in eating behaviour.