Séminaire (INMED) de Philippe Faure

lundi 27 juin 2022 à 11:00
Publié le 14/06/2022

Monday, June 27th – 11 a.m, Salle de conférence Inmed – Inserm/AMU UMR1249

Social determinants of inter-individual variability in decision making

Philippe Faure
Team leader Neurophysiology and Behavior – IBPS, Paris

Inter-individual variability refers to differences in the expression of behaviors between members of a population. For instance, some individual takes more risks than other or are more attracted to immediate gains. This variability is also evident in the way one responds to environmental and social challenges, resulting in a heterogeneous expression of cognitive and task-related behaviors but also in susceptibility to drug of abuse. To probe the question of inter-individual variability and personality traits, we study mice making choices for obtaining rewards and effect of nicotine on these choices. We analyze exploratory behaviors and reactions to uncertainty and link modifications of midbrain dopamine cells to modulation of these behaviors. By analyzing mice behaviors in a semi-naturalistic environment, we also explore the role of social relationships in the shaping of inter-individual behavioral variabilities in decision making task. Overall, we examine the growing evidence that changes in the activity of dopaminergic networks link social influences with adaptations in non-social behaviors and in susceptibility to nicotine.