Séminaire Neurotech Center (Thomas Chaigne)

jeudi 30 juin 2022 à 12:00
Publié le 27/06/2022

Monthly Neurotech/Pizza seminar

Thursday June 30, 12:00-14:00, INT Room Vinay 1st floor

Thomas Chaigne (Fresnel, Team MOSAIC) will talk about Photoacoustic imaging: towards functional, single-cell resolution imaging a couple millimeters deep

Combining optical excitation and ultrasonic detection, photoacoustic imaging has emerged in the last decades as a very powerful technique to provide high resolution images of optically contrasted objects embedded deep inside biological tissue.
After presenting the basic principles of this modality, I will present a few applications with a bias toward neurobiology. I will discuss the technological key points that remain to be addressed regarding the ultrasound detection systems and molecular probes, and will present the last techniques that we developed in our group to approach single-cell resolution.


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