Seminar by Martin Oheim 04/04/2024

jeudi 4 avril 2024 à 12:00
Publié le 26/03/2024

Thursday 4th April 2024, 12:00-14:00, Vinay meeting room

Dr. Martin OHEIM

(Saints-Pères Paris Institute for the Neurosciences, Univ Paris)  

Towards a complete pipeline for fast tissue volume imaging: multiple scales, multiple modalities and many applications

The anatomical characterization of biological structures like neuronal, vascular or lymphatic networks is synonymous with imaging thick samples or intact tissues. Recent years have seen a proliferate development of new volume-imaging techniques, hand-in-hand with tissue clearing and image-segmentation, -rendering and -quantification approaches. Numerous clearing techniques have been developed, each with their individual strengths and limitations. All have in common that they are slow, with multi-step protocols often lasting days or even weeks for larger samples. 

Here, we present a universal, non-toxic reagent kit, based on a natural product, for tissue clearing, as well as optional demineralization and depigmentation steps. We demonstrate clearing within one hour and in a single step a great variety of organisms, soft tissues, including lipid-rich tissue. Hard tissue (teeth, bone and cartilage), but also insects, plants and fishes are transparent within a few hours. Our technique can be geared to preserve tissue autofluorescence, permitting large-scale reconstructions of unlabelled tissue, or the autofluorescence-assisted contextual imaging in immunolabelled or fluorescent-protein expressing samples. The rapidity and excellent performance of our approach in terms of transparency, volume- and fluorophore-preservation will lower the barrier to clearing and 3-D imaging experiments for non-specialist researchers, and core-facility personnel, as well as for clinicians, and it allows their integration in functional, anatomical or medical imaging protocols with unprecedented ease and speed.

In my talk I will present clearing as well as volume imaging data, and link these efforts to live-cell imaging data using different recent efforts undertaken in our laboratory.

Zoom: https://univ-amu-fr.zoom.us/j/88490676141?pwd=bkdqL0pvUzlsZjRKNEYxdzI3V2Q0dz09

Link: https://www.sppin.fr/the-teams/team-1-biophysics-of-the-brain/