Seminar by Ronan Sicre 21/03/2024

jeudi 21 mars 2024 à 12:30
Publié le 20/03/2024

Thursday 21st March 2024, at 12:30, Salle Vinay

The next INT-CONECT seminar is presented by Ronan Sicre, from QARMA team (LIS) on:

“Visual interpretability: saliency maps and interpretable classification” 

Abstract : We will first review previous work on visual interpretability methods and particularly saliency-based methods. We will then present Opti-CAM, a CAM-based method that optimizes a masking objective per instance. The resulting saliency map highlights the important area of an image regarding the decision of a trained image classification network. Then, we will review some works around interpretable image classification using parts or prototype-based architectures.