Une publication dans ELife pour MeCA

Publié le 16/06/2022

Broca area homologue’s asymmetry reflects gestural communication lateralisation in monkeys (Papio anubis)

Becker, Y., Claidière, N., Margiotoudi, K., Marie, D., Roth, M., Nazarian, B., Anton, J.L., Coulon, O., Meguerditchian, A. (2022)

In this paper, we show that communicative gesturing is related to sulcal markers in baboons. Specifically gestural communication’s handedness is associated with a contralateral depth asymmetry of the Broca homologue’s marker in monkeys, namely the ventral portion of the Inferior Arcuate sulcus (IA sulcus), when handedness for object manipulation does not show such asymmetry. We show a double dissociation between manipulative action and gestural communication and suggest a phylogenetical continuity with language-related Broca lateralisation in humans.

ELife, 11. https://doi.org/10.7554/eLife.70521