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  • 01/03/2011The sound of one hand clapping in the chimpanzees brain (Pan troglodytes): Neurocorrelates of asymmetries for auditory gestures in the motor hand and homologous language areasAdrien Meguerditchian, Stéphanie L. Bogart, Claudio Cantalupo, Talia M. Nir, Olivier Coulon, Jean-François Mangin, William Hopkins
  • 01/02/2011Saccadic Foveation of a Moving Visual Target in the Rhesus MonkeyJerome Fleuriet, S. Hugues, L. Perrinet, Laurent Goffart
  • 01/01/2011Linear model decomposition for voltage-sensitive dye imaging signals: Application in awake behaving monkeyAlexandre Reynaud, Sylvain Takerkart, Guillaume S. Masson, Frédéric Chavane
  • 01/07/2010Laurent Perrinet
  • 18/06/2010The shape of the orienting reaction and its neural representationsLaurent Goffart
  • 01/06/2010Jens Kremkow, Laurent Perrinet, Guillaume S. Masson, Ad Aertsen
  • 01/03/2010Temporal Dynamics of 2D Motion Integration for Ocular Following in Macaque MonkeysFréderic Barthélemy, Jérome Fleuriet, Guillaume S. Masson
  • 15/02/2010On the utility of neural perturbation experiments for identifying the neural components of an integrated system.Laurent Goffart
  • 01/02/2010Small Effect of Interline Spacing on Maximal Reading Speed in Low-Vision Patients with Central Field Loss Irrespective of Scotoma SizeAurélie Calabrèse, Jean-Baptiste Bernard, Louis Hoffart, Géraldine Faure, Fatiha Barouch, John Conrath, Eric Castet
  • 01/01/2010Investigation of Linear Coupling Between Single-Event Blood Flow Responses and Interictal Discharges in a Model of Experimental EpilepsyIvo Vanzetta, Corey Flynn, Anton Ivanov, Christophe Bernard, Christian Bénar