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  • 01/06/2013Marianne Latinus, Phil Mcaleer, Patricia E G Bestelmeyer, Pascal C Belin
  • 01/06/2013Asymmetry of the Superior Temporal Sulcus: a Robust Human LandmarkFrancois Leroy, Stéphanie L. Bogart, William Hopkins, Olivier Coulon, Qing Cai, Roberto Toro, Jean-François Mangin, Ghislaine Dehaene-Lambertz
  • 01/06/2013Cortical Surface : a BrainVisa toolbox for surface-based processing of neuroimaging dataOlivier Coulon, Guillaume Auzias, Arnaud Le Troter, Grégory Operto, Denis Rivière
  • 08/05/2013Guilhem Ibos, J-R Duhamel, S Ben Hamed
  • 02/05/2013Enhancing Visuospatial Attention Performance with Brain-Computer InterfacesRomain Trachel, Thomas Brochier, Maureen Clerc
  • 15/04/2013A STUDY OF THE SUSTAINED PUPIL RESPONSE UNDER A VARIETY OF LED ILLUMINATIONSJean Le Rohellec, F Viénot, Jean-Luc Anton, B Nazarian, F Attia, F Merckel, F Rosenfeld, B Lavédrine
  • 01/03/2013Low-frequency stimulation of the ventral hippocampus facilitates extinction of contextual fearCarine Cleren, Isabelle Tallarida, Emilie Le Guiniec, Ophélie Nachon, Frédéric Canini, Guillaume Spennato, Jean-Luc Moreau, René Garcia, François Janin
  • 01/03/2013Brain mechanisms for foveating a visual target here-and-now (i.e., where it is and when it is there)Laurent Goffart
  • 01/02/2013Christopher I Petkov, Pascal C Belin
  • 01/02/2013fMRI evidence for dorsal stream processing abnormality in adults born pretermThierry Chaminade, Russia Ha-Vinh Leutcher, Véronique Millet, Christine Deruelle